Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Scar Removal

Once a scar is always a scar. What matters is that it’s a good scar or a bad scar. The plastic surgeons have the art to make any bad scar as a good scar. When we say scar removal we actually mean that we remove broad ugly scars and make them into not so visible scars. Merging them into already existing skin lines does the best of this.

Scar removal can be done by :

  • Lasers
  • Surgical
  • Intra scars injections
  • Gels and sheets

In areas like eyebrows and moustaches, scars are hidden very well by hair transplant over them. Many a times, sunlight increases the color of the scar. Avoiding sunlight can prevent this. Raised itching scars can be dealt with intralesional injections and silicon gel sheets.