Plastic Cosmetic Surgery


Also called nose job, is a common cosmetic surgery procedure. Rhinoplasty is not only for beautification of external nose but it can also be helpful for internal nose problems when combined with septoplasty or other procedures.

Did you know the parameters of ideal nose shape are different for men and women. A plastic surgeon , as per your needs and what’s best suited for you, literally carves your nose. Many small detailing during surgery can give you excellent results.

It mainly of two types :

Open Rhinoplasty- A small incision is given over the collumella of nose and the whole nose is laid open and carved as per requirements.

Closed Rhinoplasty- Small incision is given inside the nose and corrections are done from there.

There are carving details where sometimes only open approach can be used. The scar is quite minimally visible. Bony correction can also be done in same sitting.

Rhinoplasty is fastly evolving surgery esp. with advents of endoscopes. Newer techniques like filler and fat grafting in nose are good options as non invasive rhinoplasty though result may not be life long.

After Rhinoplasty, the patient many have packs in nose for 1 day and a small splint on nose for a week. The swelling starts to decrease after 3 days and takes around 10- 15 days to subside. The actual result is appreciable months later. Routine work can usually be resumed in a week's time.