Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

Small sized breasts can be increased to a larger size by many procedures.

Fat Grafting – All the extra Fat from your body can be taken and put in the required places. The taking out of fat is liposuction, which is done by small 2-3 mm cuts on abdomen or thigh. This fat is prepared and then out in breast by 2-3 mm cuts. This gives a nice result in most of the patients. In few patients, some amount of this fat can get absorbed in the circulation and a redo may be needed.

Silicone Implants - These are bio compatible implants which are put in the breast at a appropriate place to give you desired shape and size. Different implants based on your size requirement are available. These implants are put in the breast from an incision in the lower margin of breast (usually not visible).

Cancer Breast Reconstruction

In ladies, where breast is removed because of cancer, a new breast can be reconstructed from their back. The increase in breast size can be obtained by breast implant. This procedure gives a scar at the back, which is well hidden in bra line at back.

Breast can also be formed from lower abdomen skin. This procedure combines the benefits of tummy tuck and breast reconstruction.