Plastic Cosmetic Surgery


Commonly known as male breast enlargement. Many a times guys are unable to wear skin fit T-shirts coz of enlarged breasts (female type breasts). Its quite common and usually the cause is idiopathic. People who have excessive weight reduction, do vigorous gyming have this complaint.

Few times, abnormal hormones and tumors can cause this too. We have various options for male breast reduction , depending on breast and skin enlargement.

Liposuction- the fatty breast is sucked out via a 3-4 mm cut and the contour of chest is made male type.

Subcutaneous Masectomy- If the breast is markedly enlarged, then the whole fibrous breast tissue is removed via a well hidden incision at nipple arealoe complex. (video)

Lipomasectomy- Where both liposuction and mastectomy are done together.

Post operatively patient is discharged on same day. He is required to wear pressure garments routinely. Gyming and exercises can be resumed after 4 weeks.