Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Burn Surgery

Burn can be due to flames, hot water or electricity. Every burn has its own features. Electric burn is usually very deep, and needing surgery for functional outcome. During early treatment of burn, good resuscitation is most important.

Early burn wound removal and grafting - For deep burns, early burn wound excision at 3- 5 days is sometimes very helpful and yields very good long term results, there by preventing hard tight scars.

Grafting - Skin grafting plays a big role in management of burnt areas. Unburnt skin can be used for covering the burnt skin. Critical areas such as neck, axilla, fingers etc should be grafted at a right time for better outcome and decreasing morbidities later.

Contracture release – Long duration uncovered burnt areas, usually contract to heal . the scar resulting are thick, itchy and cause functional deformity if present at neck, axilla and fingers etc. Specific plastic surgery techniques help in releasing these contractures and help the areas to become functional again. Appropriate postoperative care is necessary to prevent recurrence.