Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Maxilla Facial Surgery

Facial Surgeries can be of various types.

Cancer Surgery- All types of skin cancer surgeries have a specific plan for removal and then repair. The repair can be done from surrounding skin or from distant skin. A plastic surgeon can decide what is best for these patients.

Sometimes, surrounding skin is rotated to fill the defect caused by skin cancer removal. Many a times, distant skin is needed to reconstruct the post removal defect.

Facial Injuries- A plastic surgeon can best tell you about repair of injuries on face, so that scar is minimal. It is necessary to place scar along RSTL , for a hidden scar. A plastic surgeon almost never leaves a suture mark. Aesthetic repair of injuries is mitaculous and best in hands of a Plastic surgeon.

Facial Fractures- Face has important bones like mandible, maxilla, nose andzygoma. When fractured these areas needed to be fixed so that you can eat properly again, look good without any facial disfigurement and have proper position of nose and eyes.

These bones are tackled very dedicatedly by plastic surgeon and fixed to attain proper pre injury anatomy. Various plates and wires are put to achieve so.