Plastic Cosmetic Surgery

Hair Transplant

Ever since 1952, hair transplant is one of the Cosmetic Surgery which has rapidly evolved and is most sort after procedure now. In US, this is the most commonly done Plastic Surgery Procedure on men. As the name suggests, this procedure means transplanting hair to an area which is deficient in hair (alopecia). Mostly done for Baldness in front in men and receding or high forehead in women. It can also be done on alopecia or hairless areas in eyebrows, moustaches, beard and eyelashes. The zone at the back of our head has the most long lasting hair in body. We transplant those hair to bald areas.
There are two techniques mainly used for hair transplant-

FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction
Single follicular unit is extracted from back of head and transplanted in bald area. This is done in Local Anesthesia. It is possible to transplant upto 3000 -3500 units in one sitting. The area at the back is dressed for initial 2 days and the extracted hair are not prominent after 3-5 days. The density and technique followed does not leave any alopecia at the back.

FUT - Follicular Unit Transplant
A strip of hair from back is harvested and the area at back is stitched. Minimal scar remains especially after the technique followed where Trichophytic closure is done. The strip is then taken under high Magnification microscope, where each hair follicle is separated from it then. The hair are then transplanted in bald area then. This procedure is also done in local anesthesia. More hair follicules can be harvested by this technique.

The transplanted in bald area needs special care in first 3-5 days. The first wash is usually done after 2 days. There may be some swelling over forehead for first 2 days though very minimal. Adequate pain relief is ensured during and after the surgery. The Patient can resume his or her normal activity and work in 2- 3 days. Few of the hair follicules initially go to telogen phase after transplantation and shed off but the roots stay and grow back in 3-4 months. The actual result and full hair growth is expected between 9 -12 months.