Osteo Arthritis

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common type of arthritis, generally caused by aging of joints, injury, and obesity. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint most often in the hands, hips, spine, and Knee. It mostly affects cartilage that allows joint bones to glide over each other and also helps to bear the shock of joint movement. If you are suffering from OA then you can go to osteoarthritis specialist doctor Ludhiana for best treatment.

Osteoarthritis breaks down and wears away the top layer of cartilage and causes joint pain, swelling, and stiffness. Moreover, if this situation continuously happens over time, the joint may be deformed and lose its normal shape and causes more pain and damage.

Rheumatoid arthritis is the second most common type of arthritis which also affects other parts of the body besides the joints.

Risk factors

Osteoarthritis most often occurs in elderly people. Sometimes osteoarthritis may affect younger people also primarily due to their joint injuries. Usually, Osteoarthritis gradually happens over time. Various risk factors associated with Osteoarthritis include:

  • Overweight or Obesity
  • Old age
  • Joint injury
  • Undeveloped Joints
  • Genetic defect in joint cartilage
  • Stress on the joints due to certain jobs and sports


Various warning signs of osteoarthritis may include:
  • Joint stiffness after getting out of bed or sitting for a long period.
  • Pain, swelling or tenderness in one or more joints.
  • Crunching noise or feel due to the friction of bones.

There is no single test available to diagnose osteoarthritis. Generally, doctors use various methods or tests to rule out other problems and confirm the disease.

  • Medical history
  • Physical exam
  • X-ray of affected joint
  • Other tests including blood tests or fluid exam in the joints


Doctors often perform a combined treatment plan according to a specific patient’s needs, health, and lifestyle. Osteoarthritis treatment is usually planned to achieve four basic goals such as improvement of joint function, maintain a healthy body weight and lifestyle along with the pain management. You can get knee osteoarthritis treatment Ludhiana, Punjab.
An ideal Osteoarthritis treatment plan may involve:

  • Regular Exercise
  • Controlled weight management
  • Rest and joint care
  • Pain management with nondrug pain relief techniques
  • Medications
  • Alternative and complementary therapies
  • Surgery